Company Overview

Vision and innovation in everything makes YBA able to offer better solutions to our clients

Firm History

Yasser Al Beltagy Architects (YBA) was established in the year 1995, in Cairo, Egypt, Led by founder, principal and chief designer Yasser AL-Beltagy.

YBA is a full service architecture, urban, landscape and interior design firm.
Over the years Yasser Al Beltagy Architects worked on different types and sizes of projects, in and out of Egypt more than 1000, projects such as; Residential, Public, Corporate & Office buildings, Educational & Cultural projects, Hotels & Resorts, Recreational projects, Industrial projects, Religious and Commercial Projects. YBA Participated in 33 worldwide competitions, wining; 10 first place prizes, 4 second place prizes, 3 third place prizes, 2 honorable mentions and was awarded 3 architecture awards. In June 2003
YBA and Dar Almimar joined alliances until February 2011. The merging of the firms, coupled with the extensive experience of the principals, creating a diversified practice resulting in successful broad range projects including worldwide competitions and large projects. YBA’s philosophy is largely based on following the highest standards of ethics and business conduct. We assume our clients privacy and provide them with the best services. The guidelines placed for achieving that philosophy are:

  • Satisfactory Design for our Clients
  • Vision and Innovation
  • Enlightenment and Technology
  • Investing in People

Business Strategy

To ensure sustainable growth & reputation, YBA developed its strategy which depends on three main factors:

  • VARIANT by always offering distinguished services other than the competitors in the market. YBA developed a strategy based on vision & innovation which was achieved by developing the design process and keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends in the architectural field.
  • DIVERSIFICATION YBA is capable to offer a diverse scope of services to a wide range of clients. It presents different types of projects, in addition to offering architectural services in different regions around the world.
  • COSMOPOLITAN EXPANSION Having strategic alliances in different regions. YBA has the awareness and ability to share resources & knowledge to tactically invade the market.



YBA developed a philosophy to provide our clients with high level of design quality and efficiency which depends on four main principles:

  • SATISFACTORY DESIGN FOR OUR CLIENTS YBA provide designs of high professionalism based on the concept of Win-Win situation. The main focus to satisfy our client’s needs one by working with them as partners to help both too achieve objectives at hand.
  • VISION AND INNOVATION YBA stresses on being an innovative force in the market. That is done by emphasizing on creativity and constantly thriving to find optimum solutions for our clients.
  • ENLIGHTENMENT AND TECHNOLOGY YBA believes that part of maintaining a solid client base is to keep up with the latest technology. Based on that YBA always focuses on updating with the latest technological trends & theories in the fields of architecture and construction. Additionally YBA is sure of continuous upgrading in its systems’ processors and database.
  • INVESTING IN PEOPLE YBA hand-picks their employees to make sure that each of them is the best man for the job. In addition to investing in training and developing their works frame technically. The high competitive spirit with the firm ensures that each employee utilizes his maximum capabilities.