Yasser Al Beltagy Architects (YBA) was established in 1995, in Cairo, Egypt. Led by the founder and chief architect Yasser AL-Beltagy. YBA is a leading multidisciplinary design firm that covers a wide range of specialties and services: architecture, urban, landscape, and interior design.

Over the years, YBA has worked on more than 1,200 projects that range from residential, public, corporates & offices, educational & cultural, hotels & resorts, recreational, industrial, and religious to commercial projects. YBA’s extensive collective experience and attention to detail has resulted in unexpected, inspirational, and trend-setting design solutions. Moreover, YBA won 26 global awards out of 33 competitions.

At YBA, our work is driven by the full understanding of our clients’ needs and our belief that every building should be unique in its nature. Our aim is to design spaces which consider both the aspects of concept and context equally so that when the bigger picture is taken into consideration the harmony of both speaks volumes.

Our Philosophy

We take time to explore the cultural and social context where our projects take place, and we use this research to design unique and intuitive spaces and buildings that connect with their community and surroundings.
Through our designs,we believe we can shape positive human experiences.

Our Values

  • Design for excellence: With high professional and quality standards, YBA works with its clients as partners to provide successful and distinctive design solutions that address their needs and solve their problems.
  • Be an innovative force: YBA stresses on being an innovative force in the market. We emphasize on creativity and constantly thrive to find exclusive solutions for our clients.
  • Build an architectural future: YBA keeps up-to-date with the latest technology trends and theories in the field of architecture and construction.
  • Invest in people: YBA has a highly-selective hiring process to hire talent and ensure that the right designer and technical engineer have been selected for the job. YBA heavily invests in employee training and development to establish a growth-enabled culture where all employees are encouraged to utilize their maximum capabilities.