Yasser Al Beltagy

Founder / Chairman

Yasser Al Beltagy graduated top of his class with honors, from the faculty of fine arts in Cairo, in 1993. He worked as a TA in the same Faculty from 1993 till 2001. In 1995, he started his own architectural studio that delivered a wide array of projects, residential, commercial. Public, corporate, hotels, and more, in Egypt, Middle East, and Europe. Additionally, he participated in a number of international and national competitions wining a good deal of them.

In 2003, he initiated a partnership deal with Dar Almimar Architects till 2011. He was appointed as the managing director and the chief designer of the joint company. During this time, he designed and delivered more than 700 projects of different types and fields. Yasser maintains a good reputation that helps distinguish his business from other peers and sets the stone for success.

Yasser is a member of:

a.) The Egyptian Society of Egyptian Architects
b.) The Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers
c.) The Union of African Architects
d.) The Union of International Architects
e.) The United Arab of Emirates architects
f.) Oman Society Engineers

Top Management:


Haitham Salah

Head of Architecture Design / Partner

Believing in: “Architecture is all about the Experience”, and having developed expertise in the design of large-scale projects around Egypt and middle east region, Haitham, our Head of Innovation, is adding his academic eye combined with conceptual reality to YBA.

It all began with a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Architecture in 2007 and a master’s degree in city and architectural branding. Following nine-years of development and progress, Haitham creates designs through fundamental research and utilizes urban and architectural local heritage to shape it. He believes that any project should take into consideration the cultures, values, tastes of the local people in order to achieve authenticity and originality.


Haitham was exposed to various projects of different scales, which later became a cornerstone of his work characteristic and his commitment to creating designs that balance between the natural and built environments. He contributed in many architectural competitions, which he believes is a driving force of paradigm shifts and changes in architecture and urban design.

Our Head of Innovation will continue to provide the creative and exclusive mindset for YBA’s quality architecture that impacts life through a holistic approach with a global sustainable effect and value.

Management team:

Mohamed Samir

Tarek Bouka

Mahmoud El-Seify

Hisham El Atriby

Sarah Reda

Maha Salah El Din